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Myth Or Fact #1 - Get a healthy lifestyle and your anxiety will go away automatically.

Is this a Myth Or A Fact - If you eat right, exercise, avoid smoking, drinking and caffeine and live a healthy life, your anxiety will go away automatically. Myth!  While a bit of your anxiety will get better, it won't be hundred percent gone. Anxiety Disorders mean you are sensitive to stress. You need more than just a good lifestyle to cure Anxiety. Facing your fears, learning about your disorder, learn how to tolerate your experiences. You need to change your personal behaviour and definitely try to go through therapy. Background photo created by freepik -

Personality Traits That Can Lead To Anxiety

Every human have specific personality traits, from being caring to being independent. Anxiety can be caused by some of these specific traits. However, did you know that your personality can be altered to the point where your anxiety is reduced by 87%! The few common personality traits anxious people have are : Hating Change A super common trait in people who have anxiety is that they hate change and try to be resistant towards it. They start getting Anxiety when there is something new and this also causes them to start overthinking. They also think about how little changes will affect their lifestyle. For them, the smallest of change is the biggest of challenge.     Extreme Imagination or Extreme Perception   A common trait also includes having the ability to imagine scenarios which will probably never happen but they can imagine it with so much detail that they seem as if almost real or as such that they already happened. This can cause many people to get anxious and if the

Long Term Effects Of Anxiety On The Body

Anxiety, being a mental issue leads people to believe that it cannot have any physical effects on your body however Anxiety has quite a few long term effects if left untreated. This combined with the stress and pressure on your brain can lead into depression. Many people don't do anything about their mental health and after a few months, your body turns that into daily habits, and that's when people start to realise that it's too late. Here are a few ways Anxiety affects your body. Central Nervous System Long term Anxiety causes multiple effects on your brain especially making your brain release the stress hormone as a habit every day turning your mild Anxiety to Severe. This can effect your body by giving you headaches, dizziness, as well as depression. Your brain releases multiple hormones when you become stressed, Cortisol and Adrenaline, being the main two and imbalance between the two can really cause you to lose focus, affect your short term memory and cause you

How To Deal With Anxiety During COVID-19

Covid-19, also known as Corona-virus has caused many people to get Anxiety about the situation and has caused mass panic which doesn't help people with Anxiety. A slight cough is causing people to believe they have the virus. So how do you stay calm during Corona-virus? Here are a few tips you can follow - Only Follow Trustworthy Media  Avoid media which is not trustworthy, do not follow Social Media for your news but instead reputed sources such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or WHO . These have the latest news and are scientifically backed. Practice Good Self-Care WASH YOUR HANDS! This is basic hygiene and no one should have to say it, wash your hands for two minutes every time you go out or have a new interaction and DO NOT touch your face outside, this is how the virus spreads. Eat healthy foods and avoid junk food, get plenty of sleep and engage in activities that help you stay active inside and outside. Avoid Bad Herd Mentality Please do not

Can A Weighted Blanket Help Me During Anxiety

So what is a weighted blanket? Well it's just like its name, a heavy blanket. It has been shown to really help during Anxiety and is often used by occupational therapists for patients during sensory integration therapy. It can help you feel better and increases your dopamine levels. Not only does it help with Anxiety, it also helps with ADHD, insomnia and more! If you toss and turn a lot in your sleep and wake up a lot, it can help you stay still and not wake up as much. It also acts almost as if someone is hugging you which makes you feel as if you are in a cocoon. It can change the way you sleep and perhaps increase how you feel but it really depends on the individual. Using a weighted blanket CAN help you combat Anxiety if conjoined with other good coping mechanisms and therapy . The thing you should keep in mind is that the blanket should be heavy enough to make it harder for you to move but not so heavy that you cannot breathe. It helps reduce heart rate as well if you

Different Levels Of Anxiety

A certain amount of Anxiety can be normal and you probably experience it in your day-to-day life. However if its excessive and causes your normal daily life to have struggles, you should start seeking help. There are multiple different levels of anxiety, which are influenced by multiple different life experiences, varies by gender and personalities. Here are the different levels of Anxiety: Mild Anxiety  Mild Anxiety can just be having the feeling of uneasiness and a nervous feeling which comes and goes at different times throughout weeks. This can be accompanied by social anxiety or shyness and can be caused by past trauma. Bad habits and not coping well with mild anxiety can lead to more severe conditions. Moderate Anxiety People with a Moderate level of Anxiety have frequent and persistent feelings of nervousness. This also brings a sense of danger, pain or doom along with it. This usually happens on a day-to-day basis and need a doctor or a therapist's help to overc