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Quick Reads #6 - Can Anxiety Be Beneficial

A lot of people believe that having anxiety is quite negative! However, sometimes, it can have quite a few benefits. Intense anxiety however is bad and you should seek professional help if you struggle to get things done due to anxiety. Anxiety Helps With Leadership People who suffer with anxiety usually have a more thorough plan and are more likely to take careful consideration when choosing anything with over one outcome. This allows them to solve problems in a way other people may not be able to see or execute. Anxiety Promotes Motivation Anxiety can also help you get motivated at moments when you have zero motivation. It causes you to overthink everything which helps you finish things quicker. It helps you do tasks quickly while keeping the guidelines in your mind. However the downside is anxiety also sometimes causes procrastination, which is the opposite of what you would've needed. Anxiety Warns You Not only can anxiety help you figure out your weaknesses and under

The Guide To Telling Your Friends You Have Anxiety

As hard as anxiety disorders are, it may be even harder to go through them alone. Friends can provide the emotional support that is needed if you suffer from an anxiety disorder. However, the thought of telling them about anxiety can cause even more anxiety. It is good to make sure you only tell a few trusted friends. Let's learn how to tell your friends so you receive the right support.   Make A List Of The People You Want To Tell  This is a really important step as you carefully need to decide who to tell about your anxiety disorder. Ask yourself how it would benefit you by telling this person. A few things to keep in mind when choosing people include  1) Is this person supportive? 2) Have they helped me before when I needed help? 3) Do you just want this person to know about your anxiety or do you need support from them?  After the list is complete, go over it once again, debating the pros and cons. If there is no one that you feel comfortable with, think abou

Myth Or Fact #5 - Anxiety Can Confuse Your Sense Of Smell

 Is This A Myth Or A Fact "Anxiety Can Confuse Your Sense Of Smell" Fact! Anxiety can actually make you really sensitive to smell. It makes you believe that neutral smells are bad and if you suffer from anxiety, then you may experience yourself noticing things smelling bad or rotten. It also increases your nose's sensitivity. Normally your brain will filter out bad smells or unimportant smells but when you suffer from anxiety, you will most likely pick those smells up. Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Quick Reads #5 - Who Defines My Thoughts

Who defines your daily thoughts? Is it you or is it someone else? When we talk about anxiety, it never really is you thinking about the stressors, it's the anxiety talking for you. Here are a few types of thoughts you might see in your life. Self Critic The self critic is unique as they usually get the thoughts from someone else and apply them to themselves. A few places their thoughts and anxiety may be coming from is Their family and friends  Thoughts they created due to a past experience  -These can include things such as betrayal or grief Social media  This includes celebrities and people who may look like are living a better life. The self critic has low self-esteem and does not like to work on themselves. They lack self love. They need to understand that you are only hurting yourself. What-If? The What-If is the person who keeps on asking themselves "what if I do this and that happens." They do not understand that overthinking is the main cause

Myth Or Fact #4 - People with anxiety can ‘snap out of it’ if they really wanted to

Is This A Myth Or A Fact? People with anxiety can ‘snap out of it’ if they really wanted to Myth!  You cannot control anxiety, you cannot turn it on and off with a button. While this seems like something most people understand, there is still a myth around it that people who feel anxiety can easily snap out of it. They underestimate the condition and the effects it has on the person, both mentally and physically. Photo by from Pexels

Am I Having A Panic Attack Or Anxiety Attack?

As similar as they might seem, panic attacks and anxiety attacks are two different things. Panic attacks happen suddenly and come with a rush of fear, accompanied by physical symptoms like a racing heartbeat, feeling of nausea or dizziness and possibly shortness of breath. Panic attacks can happen to anyone but usually are a sign of a panic disorder . However anxiety attacks as quoted by MedicalNewsToday "i nvolves a fear of some specific occurrence or problem that could happen. Symptoms include worry, restlessness, and possibly physical symptoms, such as changes in heart rate. Anxiety is different from a panic attack, but it can occur as part of an anxiety or panic disorder." Symptoms  Panic attacks and anxiety attacks have a lot of similar symptoms. You can even have both attacks at the same time!  Here are the few similar symptoms :  It may be difficult to understand what you are experiencing but just try to remember that anxiety is usually caused by stressors, such as an

Quick Reads #3 - 5 Activities That Get Your Mind Off Anxiety

You might constantly find yourself thinking about what to do throughout your day. There are certain hobbies you can get into which not only let you creatively express yourself but help keep anxiety at a low. Here are a few Painting / Colouring  Grab a piece of paper, some crayons or paint, and visualise your thoughts straight onto your canvas. This gives you a creative outlet and a new masterpiece at the same time.    Playing With Animals  Do you have a pet? Perhaps a dog or a cat? Go play with it for a while. Go to your  local park and watch the birds fly by. Reading/Listening  A good book can do wonders, and a good song can help you release all your worries instantly. Listening to an audio book kills both birds with one stone! Gardening   Get a small house plant and take care of it daily. Treat it the best you can and water it daily. Perhaps get a Venus Fly Trap and feed it daily too! Go For A Run This one is at the end because it would confron

Counting Sheep - Will It Help With My Anxiety?

Counting sheep is a big part of nearly every culture. Some people do it every night to go to sleep but some believe that it might help you during anxiety. How? It helps you focus your thoughts on something else for a moment. However it might not work for everyone, since some people find it "repetitive", "simple" or just "boring". Even though there are multiple other things you can imagine such as fish swimming by, a rose having its petals plucked or even meditation , can counting sheep really help you during anxiety? Well, It depends on you. If you can control your thoughts enough to count sheep for a minute or two, or get to a specific number, then it might actually help you. How Do I Count Sheep Properly? First, to get ready to practice this, sit down or lie down in a comfortable position. Now follow these steps. Close your eyes Visualise these in as much detail as you want to - A field, a fence and a sheep. One at a time, visualise the sh

Myth Or Fact #3 - Social Anxiety and Shyness Are the Same Things

Is This A Myth Or A Fact? Social Anxiety and Shyness Are the Same Things Myth! Although Social Anxiety and Shyness is very similar, it is not the same at all. Some people with SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) may look outgoing but they may be good at hiding what's inside and terribly anxious. Shy people will experience social anxiety but people with social anxiety may not always be shy. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Quick Reads #2 - What Should You Not Do If You Have Anxiety

During anxiety, there are certain things you can avoid to stay calmer. Yes, we can say caffeine and alcohol but there are behavioral things that you should avoid. Here are a few things I would say you should avoid. Do Not Blame Yourself  You are not alone, don't feel ashamed or embarrassed that you have anxiety. You are not alone in this. No matter where you live or who you are, it's okay to have anxiety. Don't Go Through This Alone If anxiety is making your life difficult, if it's stopping you from going through life, seek a professional's help. You deserve the best. Do Not Try To Self Medicate This should be self explanatory, do not try to buy medications you think might help. You are not a certified professional, and that's okay but you shouldn't self medicate, this can make things worse.  Do Not Withdraw From Life Activities Do not think that just because you have anxiety, you cannot go enjoy life anymore. No! Go and do things you enjoy

How Saying "No' Can Improve Your Mental Health

When did you last say "No" to something? We all get requests to do things but setting our boundaries by saying Yes or No is what helps us control our daily lives. Most people feel as if they cannot just say no due to how other people will react but we need to understand how setting a line between what you feel comfortable between and what you don't want to do can help our own mental health and remove the toxicity from our lives. The reality is when you say "no", you are able to gain control of the situation and even though it might be uncomfortable to do so, it is the option that allows you to do what you feel comfortable with. So, How Do I Know If It's The Right Thing To Say No To? Well there are a few questions you can ask yourself to know this Am I Comfortable Doing This? Do I Know This Person? Does This Person Help Me When I Need It? Is This Something I Can Manage? Am I Being Rude? If you answered No to any of these, say No. I know it m

Quick Reads #1 - How To Practice Meditation For Anxiety

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses something such as mindfulness to train attention and awareness. It also helps you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present, to relax in the present and be fully engaged in what you are doing. So How Do I Meditate? Sit upright or lie down, whatever is the most comfortable. Close your eyes. Begin paying attention to your breath. Don't try to change it up, just follow your natural breath. When you breathe in, say in, when you breathe out, say out. Even if anxiety passes through you, just give them a bit of attention but go back to saying in and out.  Continue this for as long as you can, even if its 1 minute. 1 minute of good meditation is better than 10 minutes of bad. Open your eyes and notice how you feel, don't think about if it was good or bad but rather how you feel. Now make time everyday to do this or at least every two days. The more yo

Myth Or Fact #2 - Anxiety will just get better over time if you wait it out.

Is This A Myth Or Fact? Anxiety will just get better over time if you wait it out. Myth! The average person with any given anxiety disorder waits 10 YEARS before taking any action. Those who get through the day hope that they will get better whereas the truth is without the right treatment and medication, you probably will develop other mental illnesses too. Furthermore, around 55-70% of people with anxiety may also have depression. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay