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Quick Reads #12 - What is CBT

CBT, Or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a short-term therapy technique that helps people find new ways to change their thoughts and the way they think. CBT mainly focuses on challenging to change unhelpful behaviour you may have learnt and transforms them into more regulated behaviours allowing you to control your emotions and feelings better. Not only can CBT help you out with anxiety, but also with anger, panic disorders, insomnia, depression and much much more. CBT is usually performed one-on-one but can be in groups or partners depending on the goal you are trying to achieve and helps you practice the skills to improve emotional control. It can also help highlight negative thoughts and the way they lead to the persons negative behaviour and how to reposition it into more positive and helpful thoughts and feelings. If you feel like it might help you, speak to your GP or physiologist as soon as possible. Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

PTSD And The Symptoms It Brings

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a disorder which is caused when you fail to recover from a traumatic or terrifying experience. This may last for months or even years and can be hard to cope with. Anyone can develop PTSD but it is more common in women and up to 80% of them can develop other mental health issues. PTSD can also occur if you do not get time to grieve about a specific event. There are a few common symptoms of PTSD and here is a check-list : There are many different ways PTSD can be fixed including various types of therapy and if you feel as if PTSD is bothering you in your daily life, try to seek the help of a medical professional. Good Luck!

This Is What I Fear #3 - Astraphobia

You start getting scared as the skies turn grey, it starts raining and then it starts to thunder. Flashes of light come from your window and you start to feel numb all over you body. This is Astraphob ia . Also known as astrapophobia, tonitrophobia or brontophobia, this phobia is super common in kids but usually gets better as they grow older. Even though being in a condition with a lot of loud noises such as thunder is a common reason of fear for most, Astraphobia is accompanied by extreme fear where the person loses most control of their body. A few common symptoms are extreme sweating, numbness, having trouble breathing and even uncontrollable crying in some cases.     There are a few ways of treating Astraphobia which include but are not limited to CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy), Exposure Therapy, taking Anxiety Medication and a few stress management techniques such as meditation . If you feel like you suffer from Astraphobia, please speak to a medical professional ASAP. Good L

Myth Or Fact #12 - PTSD Happens Right After A Traumatic Event

Is this a Myth Or A Fact? " PTSD Happens Right After A Traumatic Event" Myth! PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ) can develop any time after a traumatic experience. Your symptoms may start right after or even months later and they may come and go throughout your life. The best way to deal with it might be to go through therapy and take medication if needed. If the experience causes you distress or interferes with your daily work life, home life or education, you need professional help. Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

Fear Language - A Habit Of Anxiety

Whenever you have a conversation next time, try to take a note of what you say and if you apologise a lot  because most of the time, words and phrases can be sign of anxiety. The good news is that you can turn your negative language into positive which would not only improve your mood but also reduce your anxiety. Here are a few common negative phrases so let's learn how to change them into more positive ones. Why not → Sounds Good I can't complain → Everything is going well! Everything is exhausting → I need some rest No problem → For sure! Don't... → I prefer...instead Being mindful about what you say is important, even if you don't mean something in a bad way. Not only can they make you feel worse but also the people around you and give you a negative reputation. Having a positive attitude towards life is also pretty important. Specifically knowing that making mistakes is okay. Being positive towards your own life and then further towards the success of other people

Quick Reads #11 - Reasons People Don't Seek Help For Mental Health Issues

According to this study, named "Mental Illness Stigma, Help Seeking, and Public Health Programs", over 70% of  people don't actually receive any help for mental health disorders. That's way over half but the question is why is this number so high? Well there are several reasons people don't receive any treatment such as shame or guilt or even financial difficulty. Let's take a look at a few of them in more detail. Shame One of the most common reason people do not seek help is because they feel shame. Most people think that going to seek help is bad and seeking help might have a bad impact on their education and job. Trust me, it won't, instead you would become a way better person. Barriers This includes things like having financial hardship or the lack of help nearby. This is such a common barrier where you may not want to skip school or work to seek help and would rather stick to your normal routine. Perhaps you do not have enough money to seek help and t

Anxiety Questions #1 - Thinking Anxiously Can Turn Into A Habit

Question : Can thinking anxiously turn into a habit? Answer : Yes! Thinking anxiously can easily turn into a habit. An anxiety disorder can be formed when you start thinking negatively repeatedly. A person might start coping with stress in a manner which unconsciously becomes a habit. To overcome anxiety, many people tend to avoid the situation completely reinforcing the bad habit in their brain. Our habits play a huge role in our life. Some good and some bad, habits give us a routine to follow and help us stay mentally fit most of the time. However, sometimes, unknowingly, bad routines can come into our lives and turn into habits. This habit becomes a loop and we get stuck. Is it possible to break the habit? Of course, but usually it's not easy. Turning Bad Habits Into Good Habits There is a way to reform your habits, following the 3R System - Reminder, Routine and Reward . Reminder Remind yourself that thoughts are just thoughts and nothing more. Routine Perform the task, this is

The 30 Day Anxiety Challenge

Anxiety is not fun. Not at all. It stops you from doing daily tasks and keeps you up at night, so we decided to design a challenge for you. Make it through the 30 days and I am sure you will feel better about your anxiety and find it easier to control your thoughts. A few of these are the same on a few day so perhaps you can form a habit of them. Challenge a few friends to do it with you. So let's start your challenge if you are up for it. Day 1 : Meditate As Long As Possible Day 2 : Listen To Calming Music Day 3 : Try Square Or Deep Breathing Day 4 : Watch Or Read Something Funny Day 5 : Go For A Run Or A Jog Day 6 : Say The Alphabet Backwards Day 7 : Visualise A Happy Place Day 8 : Write down your worries and throw them in a bin Day 9 : Roll A Tennis Ball Under Your Feet Day 10 : Stretch Day 11 : Massage Your Scalp Day 12 : Meditate As Long As Possible Day 13 : Have A Warm Bath Day 14 : Count Backwards From 50 Day 15 : Meditate As Long As Possible Day 16 : Go For A Walk Day 17 :

This Is What I Fear #2 - Decidophobia

Struggling to choose what to wear is one thing, getting anxiety over simple choices and having to take someone else's opinion on making decisions is another. This is a sign of Decidophobia - The Fear Of Making Decisions . Usually when you fear something, it's because you brain assumes it will cause you harm but Decidophobia has more to do with a fear of failure or a bad childhood.  If you go out of your way to avoid decisions, and lose sleep over choices, you may have Decidophobia. A few symptoms of Decidophobia include but are not limited to nausea, dizziness, dry mo uth, shortness of breath or avoidance of the situation while making decisions. It is totally normal to have a tough time while making decisions but if it gives you so much anxiety that you get other people to make decisions for you, you should probably seek professional help. Good luck! Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Myth or Fact #11 - Women Are More Likely To Experience Anxiety

Is this a Myth Or A Fact? "Women are more likely to experience anxiety" Fact! Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety compared to men, one in 3 to be exact. Even though the real reason for the raise in anxiety is not known, the difference in brain chemistry is usually considered the common culprit. Women also usually tend to be more prone to stress. If you believe that you have anxiety or suffer from mental health issues, please seek professional help if possible. Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Do People Judge Me Or Is It Just My Anxiety

It feels bad when you believe that someone is judging you, whether strangers or family. When people get judged, they start to believe that there is something wrong with them and lose self esteem drastically. The worst part is that most of the times, the assumptions or judgements are wrong. Do you want to understand why people might judge you? Well you need to understand what most people don't which is that only you can judge yourself. That's a fact. The fear of judgement is almost universal with people who grew up in home where the parents were disapproving of them but anxiety plays a big role in this where if you suffer from anxiety, the feeling of judgement gets worse. " So how do I stop this negative cycle from continuing? I don't want people to judge me!" Well you need to start being more positive and confident. You need to start seeing the good in people. A great start would be forgiving yourself, specially your past. Start thinking of mistakes as not mistake

Quick Reads #10 - Last Few Regrets

When you are old, you will look back and think about all the times you had an opportunity but you didn't take it. You will remember the times when instead of doing something productive, you kept on scrolling through Instagram for hours. You will remember when you had time, but all you wanted was to be comfortable and not leave your comfort zone. You will feel regret . You will remember the times when you were a kid, you wanted to do so much and now, as you're old, all you want is more time. Regret is feeling sad or disappointed over something you could've done but didn't do or something you wanted to do but failed to. You will feel guilty over not taking any action. You will look back and wonder how different things could've been different if only you took some action when you had time.  You will regret not loving the people when they were still there with you. You will regret not being a perfect role model for your child. You will regret spending the time you had s