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This Is What I Fear #9 - Numerophobia

When you were in school, did the numbers feel like a mess? Did they scare you and cause intense feelings? Well you might have Numerophobia - the fear of numbers.  Though not common, Numerophobia can affect people of all ages and causes stress when numbers are shown to them. Since numbers are everywhere and make up nearly everything, it's almost impossible to run away from them hence you need to get therapy if you believe you have this phobia. Numerophobia can also be towards certain numbers which include triple six, thirteen etc where people would go to extreme lengths just to avoid them. Though this fear can be connected back to most childhoods, it can also be connected to your environment especially numbers coming from a religion such as triple six as mentioned before which can cause you intense stress.  

Social Media Is Controlling Your Mental Health

In today's day and age, online safety is really important. Having a good online attitude can not only save you from a lot of trouble, it can also help your mental health. How? Well for starters, you will be less stressed about doing something wrong or on accident as well as have a lower risk of having your information leaked. Here are a few ways to protect your mental health online. Respect Others  It is really important that you make everyone feel the way you would want to feel. Getting angry at people, misbehaving, having an argument for no reason and/or not being kind to others will only impact your mental health. It is better to stay away from conflict in the first place. Report Misbehaviour Stand up for yourself. If someone is bothering you, report them when possible. Stand up for others, don't just watch. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Not only will this make you feel better and happier but also make someone else's day. Think What You Post,

How To Voice Your Opinions As An Anxious Person

 Not being able to voice your opinion during a phase of social anxiety causes you to feel left out or even feel that your opinion does not matter as much. This is wrong. Your opinion matters as much as the next person. Sometimes a few reasons that you cannot voice your opinion is because you feel like your voice is not good enough or you feel excluded. So How Can I Improve My Voice? Well you cannot change your voice but you can always improve how you talk. Here are a few rules to follow! Use multiple tones to talk! Don't be too quite Don't mumble Don't talk too slow Don't talk too fast Don't talk in a high pitch Don't talk in a low pitch Why? Just because people like calm and collected personalities. Learn to breathe properly, breathe from your diaphragm! Just remember everyone's voice is different and that's okay! It's how you present it that matters. What If They Judge Me?  This is something someone with social anxiety const

Myth Or Fact #16 - Children Don't Experience Mental Health Issues

"Children Don't Experience Mental Health Issues"   Is This A Myth or A Fact?       Myth!   Kids as young as 3 are able to show signs of mental health issues.  However, sadly, only less than 17% of kids receive treatment since most parents believe that kid's cannot have any mental health issues. Understanding your kid is really important for a parent and since most mental illnesses start developing at an early stage, knowing and keeping track of the mental health your kid has should be a priority for the parent so you can get them help as soon as it's needed. Image by sathyatripodi from Pixabay

Anxiety Is Contagious - Don't Catch It!

'Anxiety is a mental illness so it can't be contagious.'  That is how some people think about anxiety but one thing we need to understand is that anxiety is definitely contagious. When one of your friend talks about how they have been really anxious about an event recently, part of their anxiety is transferring to your brain too. Now are there ways to protect yourself? Definitely!  But how is anxiety contagious? How does that work? This is because of something called a mirror neuron. A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another. Thus, the neuron " mirrors " the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. Such neurons have been directly observed in primate species. Okay So How Do I Protect Myself? Shift The Subject One of the easiest ways to deflect their anxiety is to change the subject. For example if someone is talking abo